Theoretical astronomy interest since basic school , practical “heavy duty” astronomy since 1999
Degrees: Communication Technology, Electronics & Nuclear Measurement Technique

Proficiency: 40 Years employee of one of the world producers for
Analytical Instrumentation (high sensitive sensoric equipment, optics,
high performance spectroscopy, fine mechanics, software).
Quality Assurance Manager

Continuous technical orientation - allways on the move - “not always
an easy one”!
Self suffient and a good family keeps my hobby alive;
THANKS to both, my lovely wife and my daughter.

Practical Astronomy
Carried out in rural locations of southern Germany; Lake Constance near Switzerland

Just me
just over 70 (just grown up) married to a lovely and - real luck -
patient wife.

Key Moments
Sardic nights in the mediterranian

Friends, Astro-Colleagues & Tutors of the 1st hour
to the left Konrad Horn (anyone after comets knows the guy)
middle: Gerhard Neumann (likes the sunny side of our day-star
and has specific interest in H-Alpha observations)
right: Jean Francois Pittet (probably the only one, who can fit
a 10” CT in a Renault Clio) and me.